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Over spring break I won’t be updating on this blog. I’m going to be moving it so that it will be a side blog. When I get done re-uploading all the chapters to the new blog I’ll be deleting this one. It’ll still have the same url in case you want to refollow me. And if I follow you on this account I’ll refollow you on my main blog (showmeurmoves). xo

expressyourself412 asked:

I just read the gird part omg I'm almost In Tears 😭❤️ ITS SO BEAUTIFUL LIKE AWWWWH at first I thought it was Greg and I was like oh hek no but then they said it was Marcia and I was like awwwwwwh she's so sweet still caring for Sabrina ugh I hate that she had to die :( but now Abel and Sabrina can be together and be happy 😭 great story :,) lmfao ! Ricky and Kay twins!?!? Oh gash I can't even imagine ghow fun that's gonna be xD LOL

I’m sad that Marcia is gone too :’( She was one of my favorite characters and an important part of the series. It’s sweet to see that she still cares about them. I’m excited for Ricky and Katrina (even though I won’t be seeing them for a while). I hope they really do have twins :)

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